Hydraulics and motion control

Smart, functional design

Power transmission, control and motion control are the basic pillars of Comatec’s hydraulics expertise. We always aim to combine performance and features offered by hydraulics solutions in a manner that creates a seamlessly functioning entity for the customer that will remain in operation for a long time. Nowadays, we combine digital hydraulics solutions with smart motion control as required.

Hydraulic solutions and digital hydraulics

One of our most significant areas of expertise is the design of energy efficient hydraulic solutions and digital hydraulics. Our experts expertise ranges from electronic actuators to large-scale hydraulic drives and power transmission systems.

Energy and cost saving design packages

In line with Comatec Group’s EEMC (Energy Efficient Motion Control) philosophy, we offer energy and cost saving design packages for mining and construction machinery, among other applications. In addition to mobile machinery, we have strong expertise in marine industry applications.

Smart motion control services

The services our competence centre provides include concept planning, initial design, simulation, design, as well as supervision and testing of prototype manufacturing, either as separate services or combined with Comatec Group’s other services.

After the initial design, product design and consulting will continue in cooperation with the customer throughout the product development process.

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