Microteam – a versatile product development partner

Comatec Group’s subsidiary Microteam Oy designs and implements embedded systems, solutions utilising IoT, industrial automation, robotics and vehicle technology. Microteam, which has been part of the Comatec Group since 2016, is a strong solution provider in its own areas of expertise. Microteam’s schedule, cost and quality run through the project as planned, ensuring the best result for the customer. Microteam is the supplier of the Finnish KUKA robot system.

We especially offer projects to larger entities and investment projects as an EPCM service. We follow the ISO9001-process, which contributes to high-quality implementation at all stages of the project.

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Microteam Finland

Eero Kalevo

Vehicle automation, commercial vehicles

Engineering Manager

+358 40 033 8242

Microteam Finland

Ari Kaukovirta

Industrial automation, robotics

Engineering Manager

+358 40 522 8556

Microteam Finland

Peter Lillqvist

Managing Director

+358 40 583 7021

Microteam Finland

Patrik Ljungqvist

Embedded solutions, software, commercial vehicles, production technology and robotics

Engineering Manager

+358 40 740 6975