Operation, service and maintenance

More effectiveness at every stage of production

Efficient production requires systematic installation, service and maintenance. In accordance with a careful plan, the implemented measures achieve significant cost savings throughout the product’s life cycle. Comatec Group provides services and tools to organise and implement maintenance in several locations. We create maintenance programmes, perform troubleshooting and provide on-call services during maintenance outages and commissioning. We also provide preventive maintenance planning for production, which safeguards the operation of production equipment and extends its service life.

Maintenance planning service

Comatec Group’s maintenance service is based on a thorough knowledge of the machinery and systems being serviced, and close cooperation with the design department. Our service experts draw up a service schedule for the client’s machines and equipment, and this can also be created for a package comprising several machines and pieces of equipment. Comatec’s maintenance planning service also includes process industry maintenance planning.

Comatec’s maintenance planning service draws up a service plan and instructions based on your source data after a technical examination of the product or system conducted with the design engineer.

Fault-finding service

Comatec’s fault-finding service utilises the observations made by the client and problems in use to find faults in a machine or equipment. The service examines drawings and service and user instructions for a machine and other relevant documents. The service helps speed up the finding of faults, and enables repairs and production to begin as soon as possible.

The fault-finding service can also be used when a client wants an independent external assessment of their own equipment or of a product that they have delivered to an end customer.

Maintenance resource service

The maintenance resource service offered by Comatec arranges maintenance resources that may be lacking on-site: for example, for a maintenance shut down, commissioning or during holidays. The service can also be used when Comatec has been involved in installation supervision and commissioning and the client wishes to ensure they have maintenance knowhow for a machine that is already in production use.

Comatec’s in-depth expertise is used during a client’s demanding maintenance, calibrating and commissioning projects. Our maintenance resource service comprises a wide range of maintenance specialist and supervisor services.

Pre-inspection services

Our pre-inspection services check that equipment functions properly prior to certified official inspections. A pre-inspection examines how a client’s product is functioning and ensures that a machine or piece of equipment complies with the requirements of an official inspection. It also examines the reliability, usability and maintainability values defined in the sales contract.

Readiness around the clock

Comatec Group and its partners can be in call-out readiness around the clock during maintenance shut downs and commissioning. If problems occur, skilled experts and appropriate measuring equipment are available to the client as agreed. By taking advantage of the call-out service the client ensures they are ready for any problems and avoids having to queue for service. The fast reaction of the emergency call out service minimizes other disruptions and gets the machine or equipment back in commission or production as quickly as possible.

Production maintenance planning

Insinööritoimisto Metso Oy, part of Comatec Group, specialises in repair and improving advance maintenance planning for production, which safeguards the operation of production equipment, extends its life and increases productivity. Maintenance planning keeps documentation up to date, cuts shut down times, and makes it easier to carry out alterations to processes.

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