Why to join Comatec?

Comatec Group is a group that employs over 600 skilled professionals in twenty locations in Finland, Poland, Estonia and Romania. We provide engineering design, expert and project management services for the technology industry. We have a vision for future growth and internationalization, and that is why we constantly need new experts, especially in mechanical, electrical and automation design and in project management services.

Comatec is a place of your professional development:

With us you can experience challenges from various areas of industry. In Comatec we enjoy challenges at work. And cooperation with versatile branches offers versatile challenges and opportunities to utilize your passion and technical skills. Become a part of our engineering team, see industries from inside and help us be better in what we do.

With us you can be up to date with the newest technical solutions. Most of our customers are world leaders in their field and, at the same time, one of the most important players in the industry. They shape the direction the industry is heading to, developing their products and investing in innovations. Gain from them all in your daily work.

With us you can develop career path of your choice. Variety of branches and industries is one thing. But also, within the engineering area you will be able to develop as an expert, project specialist, or, if you have leadership potential, as leader or manager. Whatever is your path, we will support you with training program and mentoring.

Comatec is a place you will like to be:

We create positive workplace for you. We are committed to make you feel happy in your job. We encourage and support community and relation building.

We value your health and wellbeing. Occupational health services and subsidies for sport activities are available for everyone.

We listen to your voice. According to the most recent personnel satisfaction survey, our employees would recommend us as an employer. But what we want is constant improvement.

Comatec is prospective long-term choice

We have strong foundations. With over 30 years of history and look on a positive future, we can say that we work well. Our customers are satisfied and our company is successfully expanding. Our divisions win national enterprises and receive awards in employer rankings. We follow our direction with confidence of mature and responsible organization.

We look into the future. World is changing. Industries are changing. Services are changing. We are preparing for the future already now, investing in innovation developing projects and constantly learning. We are sure that whatever future technology will be, we will be part of it.

We are interested in you

If you are an ambitious professional, eager to learn and take responsibility, dedicated to contribute to the company development and become part of it, we are waiting for you. Together we will grow, develop and make a difference.

Send us a job application.  We have several vacancies in different locations at the moment. You can send an open job application, if nothing that matches your skills is available.

If you are interested working in Finland or Estonia, click to the  Finnish Open jobs -page.

If you are interested working in Poland, click to the Polish open jobs -page.