Responsible cooperation

Responsibility is a key element of Comatec Group’s operations and our everyday work in all tasks and at different levels of the organisation. For us, responsibility means considering economic, social and environmental aspects and compliance with ethical rules, both as a producer of design and expert services and as an employer. Responsibility is reflected in how we treat each other and our stakeholders and how we operate as part of society.

We constantly evaluate our own business and processes, and we are developing our way of working in accordance with the changing demands of the environment. We also expect our partners to act responsibly.

Our operations are guided by management and quality systems, and project management instructions. We follow good governance, and our our Code of Conduct.

Financial responsibility

A competitive and profitable company is key to a responsible business which best serves our clients. Our goal is to be the most desirable partner in design and project management. We are therefore always developing our business in the long term. We survey business risks and the operating environment, and we change our way of working in accordance with reviews if it is necessary.

People and well-being

We want the entire Comatec Group to be a place, where our employees enjoy working for a long time. We are committed to the development of our entire staff so that everyone can achieve their own potential with different career paths. At the same time, we encourage everyone to develop the skills needed in the changing and digitalising world. We strive to provide a healthy, equal and safe working environment, and to strengthen a culture of working together, where our employees have the motivation to optimally develop their skills and perform their work, and where discrimination in all its forms is prohibited. We measure employee satisfaction and commitment through regular job satisfaction surveys and respond to emerging issues when needed.

Environmental responsibility

We take responsibility for the operating environment and strive to minimise environmental damage and load. We provide our customers with solutions that support sustainable development and respect the environment. We also commit ourselves to the customer’s demands for environmental responsibility.