23.6.2021 / Maria Männistö

Hydraulic test bench designed by Comatec to strengthen Millog’s maintenance functions

Millog Oy’s armoured vehicle department in Hattula, Finland is responsible for the maintenance of the Finnish Defence Forces’ armoured vehicles. […]

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11.6.2021 / Maria Männistö

A tram designed based on end-user feedback

Transtech’s first rolling stock project with a full maintenance service contract Tampere Tram starts to operate officially in August 2021, […]

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26.5.2021 / Maria Männistö

Do your production machines conform with up-to-date safety requirements?

Why should you pay more attention to production machine safety and manuals? When an accident involving a production machine occurs, […]

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26.3.2021 / Maria Männistö

Turf Gamechanger seeks to revolutionise the maintenance of the world’s golf courses

The multi-purpose machine brings course maintenance into this millennium, combining the different stages in one unit The market for machines […]

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18.2.2021 / Maria Männistö

Tutoring – internal network of experts shares knowledge

How do I share my knowledge with others? Where can I find the answer to a customer’s question? Who are […]

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18.1.2021 / Maria Männistö

Posiva collaborates with Comatec to design the world’s first spent fuel canister transfer and installation vehicle

The world’s first spent nuclear fuel canister transfer and installation vehicle is almost like a Transformers robot Nuclear waste management […]

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12.1.2021 / Maria Männistö

Honkajoki Ltd exports process and technological expertise to Asia

Oucons as a partner in the development of a circular economy concept Honkajoki Ltd focuses on processing animal by-products produced […]

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9.12.2020 / mariauurto

The electrification of commercial vehicles and mobile machinery goes smoothly with the right partner

Let’s make our vehicle electric. The idea sounds easy, but the execution is more complicated. Switching the power source of […]

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3.12.2020 / mariauurto

Simulation of stone loads in cooperation with Häggblom

Ab A. Häggblom Oy is an engineering workshop from Kokkola. It manufactures high-quality track systems and mining equipment. Its main […]

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1.4.2020 / mariauurto

A Soldering cell project using Digital Twin technology

Comatec realized the automation of a soldering cell using the Digital Twin technology, according to the customer’s expectations. The commissioning […]

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