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Engineering company Comatec Oy

Kalevantie 7 C
33100 Tampere

VAT: FI09469366
Tel: +358 29 000 2000

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Engineering company Comatec Oy

Comatec Automation Oy

Comatec Engineering S.R.L.

Comatec Industrial and Marine Oy

Comatec Mobility Oy

Oucons Oy

Rantotek Oy

Comatec Estonia OÜ

Comatec Poland Sp. z o.o.

Comatec Project Services Oy

Comatec Sweden Ab

Forthright colleagues and diverse work in the projects of leading customers in their field?

We constantly need new experts, especially in mechanical, electrical and automation engineering, as well as in various expert tasks. See what kind of open jobs we currently have or leave an open application.

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