Material handling and conveyors

Controlled transfer of materials

Today, the management and development of material flows is increasingly important to ensure the competitiveness of an industrial enterprise. At the same time, controlled material transfer and functional conveyors, feeders, silos, unloading devices, and other material handling solutions, are a key part of a functional and safe industrial environment. Automation and digitalisation further increase the possibilities of managing conveyor systems and other material handling equipment.

Comatec Group has several decades of experience in the design of various material handling solutions. Our core competences include designing material handling systems for break bulk systems, used in mining and energy industries, food industry, wood processing, as well as in warehouse and production logistics.

Our special expertise also includes various auxiliary equipment for transporting goods in heavy industry. We offer support in R&D projects, as well as modernisations and customisations of ready product.

Conveyors and material handling – our know-how and services

We offer the know-how and services for the development of material handling systems and conveyors in all stages in the life cycle, starting from feasibility studies, up to support for manufacturing and aftersales:

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