8.10.2021 / Maria Männistö

Comatec participates in a fusion energy project led by VTT

Comatec has the pleasure to take part in VTT’s new project, which promotes the participation of Finnish industry in the […]

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30.9.2021 / Maria Männistö

Changes in the Comatec Group’s organisation

The organisational structure of the Comatec Group and parent company Insinööritoimisto Comatec Oy is changing as of 1 October 2021. […]

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24.6.2021 / Maria Männistö

Changes in the parent company’s board of directors

The composition of Insinööritoimisto Comatec Oy’s board of directors has changed in May 2021. Insinööritoimisto Comatec Oy is the parent […]

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22.3.2021 / Maria Männistö

Insinööritoimisto Comatec Oy celebrates 35 years in business

From a one-man office to a multi-skilled company employing nearly 600 people The Comatec Group’s parent company, Insinööritoimisto Comatec Oy […]

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18.12.2020 / mariauurto

May Your Christmas be Peaceful and the New Year Hopeful!

After this exceptional year 2020, we wish you an exceptionally peaceful and relaxing Christmas and New Year time. We donate […]

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2.11.2020 / Katarzyna Klisko

Is it Comatec that will design the new e-Van?

Is it Comatec that will design the new e-Van? The concept for an e-Van by Comatec Poland, an engineering design […]

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28.10.2020 / mariauurto

Insinööritoimisto Comatec Oy has sold its MXC business to RollTest Measurements and Controls Oy

On 28 October 2020, Insinööritoimisto Comatec Oy, the parent company of the Comatec Group, sold its MXC business to RollTest […]

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15.6.2020 / mariauurto

Comatec’s Haarlankatu office in Tampere has moved

Comatec Group’s Tampere office in Haarlankatu has moved to the main Comatec premises in Kalevantie on June 9, 2020. The […]

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1.4.2020 / mariauurto

Changes in Comatec Automation Oy

Comatec Group strengthens Comatec Automation Oy, which focuses on automation business, with internal operational and organisational changes.

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9.3.2020 / mariauurto

Comatec and Posiva have entered a cooperation agreement

Comatec and Posiva have entered a long-term cooperation agreement regarding the transfer of spent nuclear fuel capsules using a specialised […]

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