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Oucons Oy, founded in 1986, has over three decades of experience in machine and equipment design, especially in material handling equipment. Oucons’ areas of specialist expertise are conveyors, feeders, silos and reclaimers. Oucons’ expertise includes mechanical engineering design related to industrial maintenance and technical calculations for static steel and lattice structures. Our operating principles are close cooperation and flexible division of work with the customer. This is achieved especially well when the customer’s expertise in process technology is combined with Oucons’ expertise in design and installation supervision.

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Oucons Finland

Jarkko Ahosola

Conveyors, Joensuu

Business Unit Manager

+358 46 851 0211

Oucons Finland

Toni Hämäläinen

Conveyors, Kankaanpää

Department Manager

+358 40 588 9348

Oucons Finland

Teppo Hiltunen



+358 44 787 2606

Oucons Finland

Matti Korpela

Conveyors, Kotka

Business Unit Manager

+358 41 731 3736

Oucons Finland

Juha Suistio

Conveyors, Oulu

Business Unit Manager

+358 40 505 1965

Oucons Finland

Hannu Tuovinen

Conveyors, Lapinlahti

Business Unit Manager

+358 40 018 2794

Oucons Finland

Hanna-Riitta Vesa

Material Handling and Conveyors

Sales Manager

+358 50 385 1792

Oucons Finland

Timo Viljanen

Conveyors, Pori

Business Unit Manager

+358 40 485 9140