Foster Wheeler

Foster Wheeler supplied a CFB boiler facility to south korea

Foster Wheeler supplied a new type of boiler system based on CFB (circulating fluid bed) technology to KOSPO, a South Korean power company. The boilers use the latest supercritical once through technology. The first phase of the power station project in Samcheok, on the eastern coast of Korea, consists of four large boilers, each of which generates 550 MW of electricity. These are the largest boilers of this type in the world.


  • The construction of four CFB boilers in Samcheok, Korea, with a combined power output of 2200 MWe
  • Utilising environmentally friendly energy production technology
  • The design takes into account the risks caused by possible earthquakes


  • A significantly more powerful and environmentally friendly power station than conventional power stations:
    • High steam pressure and low combustion temperature
    • High rate of efficiency, low emissions and low maintenance costs
    • Up to 5 % biofuels can be used in addition to coal,  while still keeping emissions at a low rate
    • Feeding lime into the boiler can bind sulphur dioxide
    • The lower combustion temperature keeps nitrogen oxides at a low level
  • The power station can, in practice, be made emission-free with the use of a carbon dioxide capturing plant and by using the latest smoke cleaning technology
  • Unexpected changes in the number of details in the project were continuously kept under control
  • The boiler facility is one third smaller than conventional, tower-type pulverized coal boilers.
"”Based on many years’ experience I can say that Rantotek is a reliable, expert partner. The quality of their design work is most clearly seen in the manufacturing facility; the Polish workshop has been very happy with the quality of Rantotek’s design work. Parts based on high-quality designs are easy to manufacture”, Juhani Burke, Foster Wheeler"