Comatec Group offers its employees meaningful challenges and a communicative work atmosphere

Aamulehden jutussa Comatec Groupin Katri Huhtelin ja Petri Sirén.

Comatec Group is an engineering company that offers design, project management and expert services in 5 countries and over 20 locations. As the group holds decades of experience and vast knowledge of various fields of technology, the employees are offered versatile projects and ample opportunities for development.

Comatec Group’s HR Director Katri Huhtelin emphasises the fact that operating in various fields means, on the one hand, having the ability to offer employees a wide range of opportunities and, on the other hand, that the group is constantly looking for suitable new talent.

– Ten different industries means that we can offer a huge range of career options. What is more, the job prospects are affected by our growth-oriented approach, which is reflected in both acquisitions and organic growth.

Comatec’s employees have the opportunity to work in exceptionally challenging and large projects, which can also be international.

– We offer our employees the opportunity to work in once-in-a-lifetime projects, the likes of which are only seldom carried out in Finland, or even abroad, says Business Manager Petri Sirén from Comatec Project Services Oy.

What makes working at Comatec Group even more interesting is that the places of work range from the office to home and to the customers’ premises. The employees can move laterally within the group.

– We want to help our skilled personnel work on what they are most interested in, which means that they can also work in our subsidiaries, says Huhtelin.

Active support for development

Comatec does not sell or manufacture products of its own, but instead, it solves its customers’ challenges drawing on diverse expertise. Comatec has even made competence development an integral part of its business strategy. Skilled personnel are considered the company’s most important asset, and their career development is supported with the aid of designed career paths, for example.

– Even though HR and the business functions collaborate on matters related to career development, competence development also always depends on the employee’s interests and how active they are, describes Huhtelin.

The company has a broad perspective on professional development and encourages all manner of learning. Comatec’s employees can learn new things with the aid of various tools, such as webinars, tutoring and peer-to-peer learning.

– Competence development also takes place as part of our everyday work. Comatec has an active and open culture of helping colleagues and solving problems together for the common good.

Come as you are

Comatec recently carried out a Siqni survey to assess the realisation of matters that are important to the work community. The themes that the employees regarded as most important included meaningful work tasks, a work community where everyone can be themselves, and work–life balance.

– According to the survey, these are also realised at Comatec, says Huhtelin.

Both Huhtelin and Sirén believe that the good results are closely related to the company’s culture of trust and dialogue.

– At Comatec, everyone can say their piece, sums up Sirén.

A great workplace for those who get easily excited about new things

Comatec has a constant need for new talents in various fields. Naturally, there is a particular need for engineers, but the company is also looking for new administrative employees. Both young and experienced people are welcomed.

At the moment, the company is looking for experts particularly in mechanical, electrical and automation engineering. There is also a constant need for project and site personnel.

0 We started offering project and site services last year. We expect to see growth in that area for years to come, and we need skilled and experienced professionals to support that growth, says Sirén.

He says that Comatec is looking for new employees who are motivated and interested in new things.

– Many of our projects involve doing something that has never been done before, so even experienced professionals need to be prepared to learn something new. It’s fantastic to be able to learn something new with highly skilled colleagues.


The original text has been published in Aamulehti’s REKRY Pirkanmaa työpaikat ja koulutus supplement on 10 March 2023.