Comatec is an engineering firm offering its employees a great variety of challenges and long-term goals

Toni Ollikka, Johanna Harjula, Raine Corell ja Lauri Nurttila Comatecilta

Comatec has decades of experience in solving the challenges of the future in various fields of technology. Its operations are exceptionally broad-based, which provides its employees with opportunities to develop, participate in a diverse range of projects and specialise in projects in accordance with their interests. The use of new, greener technologies makes the work meaningful. 

Comatec is an expert in product development, especially in projects related to mobile machinery, commercial vehicles, industrial automation and machine modernisation, as well as material handling, production systems, power plants and boilers.

“Our ability to deliver varied comprehensive projects makes us interesting. We can be a one-stop partner for customers, even large ones, that provides all the product development services they need throughout the product life cycle,” says Petri Leino, CEO of Comatec Mobility.

For employees, this means varied tasks and continuous development. The company works to provide all employees with opportunities to affect their own career direction and become experts in their fields, all the way to management positions.

Design engineer Johanna Harjula feels that her professional skills have improved at Comatec. Her tasks as a mechanical designer have become more challenging as her expertise has increased. Her duties are flexible and varied, which she also likes.

“More challenging jobs are also available within the company. Your wishes and plans are heard, and you will be given more responsibility. Competence development is offered through additional training and systematic induction and by sharing expertise.”

The good working atmosphere feeds success

Petri Leino, toimitusjohtaja, Comatec Mobility Oy

According to Leino, the workplace community at Comatec is characterised by a long-term perspective and entrepreneurial spirit.

“As a workplace community, we are a straightforward and laid-back group of people who work well together. This has been confirmed by the results of our personnel surveys, for example,” Leino explains.

Harjula agrees: it’s easy to enjoy working at Comatec.

“I have nice supervisors and colleagues at Comatec. Working with them is easy, and they also provide help and advice. We are team players here: I can always count on them.”

Looking for experts in various fields

Comatec is now seeking experts in various specialities and at various levels of experience. The company also hires students, including engineering students preparing to write their theses.

“We appreciate a good attitude and learning ability in particular. We are looking for experts in specific fields, as well as experts combining various fields,” Leino says.

Comatec also offer geographical variety: the company has a total of around 20 locations in Finland and abroad.

“We are able to offer continuity, even when an employee moves to another city,” Leino points out.

To work at Comatec

If you are an ambitious professional – or soon to be one–, who is eager to learn and take responsibility as well as dedicated to contributing to company development, we are waiting to hear from you.

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