Engineering design services

Brain power for engineering design services

Comatec Group’s key expertise lies in cost-effective engineering design services for all customer industries. Our engineering design services are always based on a complete and enduring end result, which affords long-term benefits for the customer’s product development and manufacturing processes.

We can respond to most complex assignments and satisfy the most demanding project requirements. Why do our Customers rely on us?

Mechanical design

We design parts, components and complete mechanisms to meet functional requirements at optimal cost. This includes material selection, dimensions and shape definition, as well as manufacturing process definition. Read more about our mechanical design here.

Electrical design

We design various electrical systems, including the creating, developing and testing of power generation and transmission, electrical distribution, grounding, wires and circuit components, lighting and other electrical systems components. Read more about our electrical design here.

Automation design and programming

We design control systems for handling various processes and machines in an industry, providing precision and increasing quality. Read more about our automation design and programming here.

Electronics design

The design of our embedded systems covers electronic and software design from very complex, real-time operated systems as part of larger entities like planes or autonomous vehicles, to simple but effective controllers used in e.g. electric toothbrushes. Read more about embedded systems here.