Full range of services – for all product development stages

Different types of expertise and understanding of the management of the entire product life cycle are needed at different stages of the product development process. Comatec provides first class engineering expertise and services for a variety of industries – from preliminary studies to commissioning and maintenance.

Each process we start from listening to the client’s needs. Basing on commonly agreed criteria, we offer support through one of three different types of packages – projects, solutions and specialists. We always look comprehensively, adjusting the proposed solutions to the needs and conditions, aiming at the best end result and improvement in the profitability of our clients’ activities.

Projects – expertise and liability

If you have a project where you need people who can take on responsibility and who possess state-of-the-art know-how and experience in several areas of expertise, Comatec is the right choice for you. We are committed to implementing the project with a jointly agreed principles and schedule, while you concentrate other important tasks. Most often we cooperate with clients in the area of ​​product development, optimization and customization, which means adaptation to the requirements of the final customer’s specification.

We are experienced project operatives in different industrial applications and mechanical engineering.

Solutions – we know it works

Do you have a challenge and are looking for new ideas and new methods? Or maybe you are looking for a partner who will take responsibility for the whole enterprise? Perhaps we have a ready solution for you. The skills of our leading specialists in problem-solving, combined with the experience gained over several decades of company’s work, enable the creation of innovative, effective and functional solutions. They will be your competitive advantage supporting your further development. The solutions most often proposed by us use the latest technologies and come from the field of automation, robotics and electronics.

You will come up with the best new technologies and solutions when you combine the best views, lessons learned and experiences from a variety of industries.

Experts – competent assistance

Every business needs flexibility. The skills and know-how of Comatec’s professionals give you the flexibility you need in various situations in your business operations. Maybe your business needs an extra pair of hands, a new way of thinking, experience of other industries, people to expand your international operations or special skills that do not exist within your team. Our competent specialists will support your projects by joining your teams – at the right time and place, for how long you will need it.

Our competent experts are valued as part of a team in changing business situations.