Comatec Automation

Comatec Automation – an expert in industrial automation

Comatec Automation, a Comatec Group subsidiary, is a company specialising in industrial process and machine automation.

The company delivers comprehensive automation solutions designed in accordance with the customer’s needs, and it also provides consultation and maintenance services to industry for process, machine and building automation control. Comatec Automation is a Siemens-certified systems supplier. Certified partners are responsibly operating companies that ensure good local service, high quality and expertise.

Comatec Automations know-how and services:

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Comatec Automation Finland

Harri Haavisto

Mechanics, Process Industry

Department Manager

+358 44 787 2690

Microteam Finland

Ari Kaukovirta

Automation engineering, automation solutions

Engineering Manager

+358 40 522 8556

Comatec Automation Finland

Tero Kosonen

Managing Director

+358 50 443 2676

Comatec Automation Finland

Jari Leinonen

Electricity and automation, Process Industry

Department Manager

+358 40 358 1355

Comatec Finland

Peter Lillqvist

Sales and projects, automation solutions

Sales Director

+358 40 583 7021

Comatec Automation Finland

Tommi Ojala

IoT Solutions

Business Unit Manager

+358 50 561 0942

Comatec Finland

Mika Peltola

Industrial automation, mechanical engineering, automation solutions

Business Unit Manager

+358 40 195 1003

Comatec Group

Miikka Riittinen

Automation solutions

Executive Vice President

+358 40 860 1670

Comatec Automation Finland

Esko Seppänen

Process Industry

Business Unit Manager

+358 40 094 8829

Comatec Automation Finland

Timo Turkia

Process industry automation

Business Unit Manager

+358 400 539 072