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Rantotek specialises in the design and modernisation of a variety of plants, boiler plants, high-pressure piping and tanks, in particular.  Established in 1985, we have completed more than a hundred boiler or power plant design projects. We have also completed more than a hundred power plant and boiler modernisation projects. Our top experts have four decades of experience in the development of industry and technology. We are familiar with all boiler disciplines, from performance calculations and combustion technology to the detailed design of all boilers.

Typically, a boiler plant project consists of several sub-projects. Rantotek’s core expertise consists of process design, thermal calculations, strength analysis and dimensioning, equipment and plant engineering, as well as compatibility assessments and related documentation. The boiler plant investment project, from the decision to build a plant to commissioning, is created on the basis of these areas. We implement projects in close cooperation with our customers. We offer a wide range of services, from the design of a single sub-sector to a comprehensive EPCM project that includes concept design, basic design and detailed design. We provide services, from project planning, engineering and coordination to construction management, in accordance with an agreed budget and schedule, in cooperation with the customer.

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