Life cycle support

Information and support throughout the product’s life cycle

Life cycle support ensures that the system meets the set reliability, usability, maintainability and safety requirements, and it can be used to anticipate operation and maintenance costs. Furthermore, life cycle support already facilitates the detection of deficiencies related to product safety and operational reliability at the product development phase. Life cycle support services improve the quality and reliability of the customer’s product, increase revenue and reduce the costs resulting from production and after-sales services.

Comatec’s highly skilled life cycle support will assist you in demanding investments, comparing alternative solutions, and when submitting and comparing offers. Comatec Group provides life cycle support analyses and plans for various industries for the entire life cycle of product systems from raw material procurement to the phase following operation.

Comatec’s life cycle support services

RAMS reliability reviews


Life cycle cost calculations

The life cycle cost (LCC) calculations carried out by Comatec’s experts systematically account for the costs over the entire life cycle of the product from procurement to disposal.

Life cycle support plans

Comatec’s professionals also reliably and efficiently implement support plans, such as maintenance system and operating plans, for the entire lifecycle.

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