Process Industry

Profitable investments

The variety of production equipment and systems is the reflection of diversity of production.

When resources are used and processed as basic raw materials and end products, it is a complex entity of different fields of expertise. This complex entity combines the high technology of the process or the plant itself, expertise in traditional design industries, security, sustainable development and environmental awareness as well as future opportunities. In the future, the process industry plant will regulate, measure and manage itself and the process flow. Measuring instruments are evolving and they are capable of giving alerts about detected problems. The data and diagnostics sent by the devices are stored in the cloud. Data networks can be used to send data for analysis to the other side of the world. Over the years, the activity will develop to cover the entire plant and not only pieces of individual equipment. In addition to basic processes and machines, the industry is renewing and requires new know-how from its partners.

When the industry is diverse, a significant benefit to the customer is the partner’s multidisciplinarity and in-depth knowledge of different technologies and branches. When designing production plants and systems, we utilise our extensive experience in machine building. Our wide-ranging expertise in IT make us a versatile developer of the process industry. We have experience in the following sectors in particular: mineral and metal processing, paper, board and pulp industry, food industry, environmental and energy technology, mechanical wood processing and cable machines.

Our know-how and services

Our key services for process industry are:

Many leading companies in their fields, such as Outotec, Valmet, Raute and Kuusakoski, rely on us.

Comatec Industrial and Marine Finland

Pekka Jaakola

Electrical and automation design

Business Unit Manager

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Comatec Automation Finland

Tero Kosonen

Automation Solutions


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Comatec Industrial and Marine Finland

Ville Mehto

Processing Machinery, Mechanical Design (Järvenpää, Lahti, Jyväskylä)

Department Manager

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Comatec Industrial and Marine Finland

Marko Pennanen


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Comatec Industrial and Marine Finland

Sami Rajala

Mechanical design

Business Unit Manager

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Comatec Automation Finland

Timo Turkia

Automation Solutions, Process Industry Automation

Business Unit Manager

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Comatec Poland

Przemysław Szkuta

Industrial Machinery

Engineering Manager

Comatec Poland sp. z o.o.

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