Port of Helsinki and Comatec creating a carbon-neutral port

The Port of Helsinki aims to be a pioneer in environmentally sustainable port operations, and as part of its goal […]

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Competitive advantage from international operations – Comatec is making a research about good working life practices in different countries

Comatec Group provides design, project management and expert services for the technology and mechanical engineering industries in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, […]

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A multi-specialist in demanding materials handling systems

Oucons Oy, part of Comatec Group, has almost four decades of experience in machinery and equipment design, with a special […]

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Technological advances make safety-critical software increasingly important – Comatec invests in the quality of software development

Production plants, building sites, traffic and other common environments are becoming more and more automated, placing greater demands on the […]

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Tackling the shortage of skilled workers together – Comatec and Raute increase their expertise through a unique partnership model

Comatec Group’s Industrial and Marine business line provides mechanical, electrical and automation engineering, systems verification testing, technical documentation and project […]

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Comatec’s expert services complement basic design through multifaceted partnerships

In addition to conventional engineering activities, Comatec Group’s versatile expert services assist clients in individual projects, training and peak load […]

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Presentation: Comatec Sweden

Sweden is the latest member of the international Comatec family. The first office of Comatec Sweden Ab was founded 2022 […]

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Presentation: Comatec Romania

Comatec Romania is based in Brașov, a charming city of around 300,000 inhabitants surrounded by mountains in the Transylvania region […]

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Presentation: Comatec Poland

Welcome to meet Comatec Poland, where rock-solid engineering knowledge, innovation and imagination go hand in hand! In 2009, Comatec Poland […]

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Comatec offers both strong local competence and national expert services

Comatec Automation is a full-service specialist company mainly operating in South-East Finland. The company provides its clients with industrial automation […]

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