Documentation services

Documentation services, always tailored to your needs

Our goal is to help our clients produce high-quality documentation efficiently and cost-effectively. We offer comprehensive solutions and consultancy, carry out large and small documentation projects and provide skilled experts to the necessary tasks.

We produce documentation from existing data and in a format suitable for the client’s systems. We deliver the content in a clear and concise package that meets all the necessary regulatory and safety requirements.

Our expertise

Our main added value in documentation is the knowledge we use before content creation. We have a broad understanding of documentation requirements. We design the content and usability as part of the documentation process. Our work is based on industry standards and the long experience of our experts in the field. Where necessary, we use Comatec’s design and safety engineering professionals to ensure quality.


Modern browser-based systems

As our client, our professional documentation service is available to you without the need to invest in new documentation tools. We can use our structured documentation environment Comatec CMS, where content creation and versioning are done efficiently through single-sourcing.

Once produced, we can present the material in a virtually enriched environment (VAD, Visual Augmented Documentation). This allows constant gradual development of the client’s documentation.

For spare parts documentation, we offer a comprehensive service package, Comatec SPM (Spare Parts Management). Our skilled experts can produce the documentation on the client’s existing systems. Optionally, our Comatec P6 system covers all functionalities from content creation and management to distribution of publications to end users.

Technical documentation

  • Operation and maintenance instructions
  • Work instructions
  • Training materials
  • Terminology
  • Usability

Spare parts documentation Comatec SPM

  • Spare parts catalogs
  • Browser-based viewer for viewing publications
  • Online shop and complaints handling

Visual Augmented Documentation VAD

  • Electronic instructions in the XR environment
  • Visual interface


Our experts can help you improve your documentation processes, select the right documentation tools for your needs or deliver finished documentation according to your wishes.


We carry out large and small documentation projects within the agreed scope. We can manage projects, produce content and illustrations, and publish documents in the desired format. In a typical project we create the operation and maintenance instructions and the spare parts catalog for the equipment, taking into account the customer’s needs and the requirements of the standards.

Documentation Experts

Our experts have a wide range of documentation methods and tools. They are experienced professionals who have documented a wide range of items from heavy machinery to software.

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