Consulting services

Expertise to support decision making

Careful planning and sufficient knowledge are key factors in investment decisions in different industries. To support decision making and investment plans at different stages of product development and the projects themselves, you need up-to-date expertise. Comatec Group’s consulting consulting services complement our other design and expert services and help our customers in making decisions. Industries’ strong expertise and comprehensive know-how produce results that support better decisions, minimise risks and save time and money, especially in the procurement and manufacturing phases.

Strong manufacturing technology expertise is required to know what kind of know-how or machinery is required from subcontractors. Comatec Group’s extensive and constantly evolving network is available to the customer to strengthen the acquisition. Our experts support the selection of suppliers and subcontractors. If necessary, we also act as technical support for manufacturing, manage quality control and carry out occupational and industrial safety reports.

Manufacturing services free up the customer’s own time and expertise for other areas of business. Comatec Group’s manufacturing services, such as cost estimation and scheduling, are generally related to the manufacture of products and equipment designed by our own experts. In this case, both the design and the documentation take into account the factors influencing the manufacture of the product and the identified critical points of manufacture.

Our consulting services:

  • Initial design (brainstorming and concept planning, technology survey, market research, product analyses)
  • Specifications
  • Product analyses
  • Modularisation
  • Sourcing (technical support, product specifications, competitive tendering, supplier selection, procurement network supervision of production, LCC sourcing, network services, supplier auditing)
  • Production support (production process ramp-up, manufacture optimisation and audition, quality control, production safety)
Expert initial design and technical consultation produce information to support investment decisions and adds to our expertise.