Mobile machinery

Reliable power for all conditions

The mobile machinery includes various types of mobile machines which have been designed to perform operations in off-road environment, like construction fields, mining industry or agriculture. Their development is driven by increasing demands of efficiency, environmental aspects and machine intelligence. Reliability, high utilization, proper automation, or remote monitoring and remote maintenance capabilities as manufacturers’ competitive factors also pose challenges for product development and design.

Our Customers can base on our in-depth expertise in design and production of mobile machinery. Thanks to experience in various types of machines and fields we offer reliable support wherever it’s required: R&D and new concepts, as well as modernisations and product upgrades. You can be sure that we understand influence of extremely tough machine operating conditions, anywhere from the hot sands of the desert to the freezing cold and ice of the north. We support manufacturing process, taking into consideration it’s optimisation, modularity of the product and quality demands. All activities we perform with high respect for relevant standards and directives.

Many leading companies in their sectors rely on us, such as Kalmar, Metso Minerals, Sandvik Mining and Construction, John Deere Forestry and Patria.

Our know-how and services

Our expertise in mechanical design links seamlessly with automation and control technology:

We also offer our clients new high-quality modelling technology that we are continuously developing, utilising simulations and virtual modelling. We have developed our latest services in particular for the initial phases in the life cycle, and they are related to modelling, simulations, motion control and hydraulics.

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