Do your production machines conform with up-to-date safety requirements?

Why should you pay more attention to production machine safety and manuals?

When an accident involving a production machine occurs, the safety and conformity of the machine are primarily assessed through the machine’s risk assessment document and manuals. As a result, these documents, as well as the machine itself, should always meet the safety requirements set by the law. A responsible employer also considers the health and safety of its employees by ensuring the conformity of production machines. This way unnecessary production outages and other consequences can be avoided.

It is the employer’s responsibility to identify hazards caused by production machines and to manage the associated risks. It may come as a surprise that even old machines must conform with up-to-date safety requirements. In addition, the instruction manuals must be readily available and understandable for all machine users. Another noteworthy point is that the safety and manuals of machines, which have received the CE marking, must also be kept up to date.

"Even old machines must confrom with up-to-date safety requirements."

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Act and the Government Decree on the Safe Use and Inspection of Work Equipment of Finland, the employer must ensure the safe use of production machines with the help of external experts, if the employer itself does not have adequate expertise in the matter. The same requirement applies to maintenance and preparation of instruction manuals for production machines.

Read more about the legal requirements for the safe use of production machines:

Do you wish to ensure your production machine safety – Check out our auditing service!

We offer a cost-efficient, effective and easy service package for auditing production machine safety and manuals. The example package includes:

  • A day-long review of production machines and the associated risk assessment documents and manuals at the customer’s production facility.
  • A report of the review findings. The report presents the findings with regard to compliance with the current occupational safety requirements. The findings are also compared to the current safety level requirement in Finland.
  • A Teams meeting where the report is handed over and presented to the customer.

With our auditing service, you will know the current state of your production machines and instruction manuals as well as have the opportunity to update them to the level required by law.

Comatec’s experienced safety and documentation engineers, who have extensive knowledge of safety and compliance, carry out the work on your behalf. Thus, you can safely focus on your core competencies, while our experts assist you.



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