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Comatec Mobility Oy is a Comatec Group company that specialises in the development of mobile machinery, commercial vehicles and rolling stock. The company offers design and expert services for the product development of an entire machine or device all the way from the various design phases to the final product.

Comatec Mobility’s multi-talented experts have comprehensive experience and deep expertise in various fields, as well as the capability to carry out projects from start to finish with an uncompromising attitude and a desire to develop the world’s best equipment for technology industry customers. Our goal is to be the customer’s strategic partner by offering a wide range of expertise and services for the entire life cycle of the product development process. If necessary, we network with other experts and actors to produce the most effective project-specific solutions.

Most important areas of expertise and service categories

Design: mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, automation and software design

Expert services: technical calculation, documentation, safety and compliance, project management

Packaged system solutions for changing customer needs

To meet the changing needs of our customers in the design of mobile machinery and commercial vehicles, we have packaged our areas of expertise into total solutions that facilitate our customers’ product development process and entity management. The customer does not need to invest in their own specialists since a flexible and cost-effective solution is available to support product development.

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Mobile machinery and commercial vehicles

  • Product development from start to finish
  • Procurement tasks
  • Manufacturing support and supervision
  • Testing and deployment services
  • Documentation
  • Project management

Electric driveline

  • System specification
  • Electric design
  • Software
  • Heat management and simulation
  • Safety & compliance
  • Mechanics of system and batteries
  • Documentation

Optimised steel constructions

  • Mechanical design
  • Strength calculation
  • Materials
  • Industrial design
  • Manufacturing methods
  • Documentation

Safety software

  • Safety-critical control systems and software
  • Work and development processes
  • Functional safety
  • Documentation

Cabin and HVAC

  • Mechanical design
  • Electrical design
  • Strength calculation
  • Industrial design
  • Visibility
  • Plastic parts
  • HVAC Systems
  • HVAC Controls
  • Heat simulation
  • Documentation

Comatec Mobility Finland

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Comatec Mobility Finland

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