Safety engineering

Safety engineering and product safety

Safety engineering and product safety are the areas in which Comatec has comprehensive expertise based on the special characteristics of different industries. We provide you with comprehensive technical expertise for risk assessment and product safety management. We know the standards, and we help our customers evaluate what can best be applied to each device or system design.

In the design of technical equipment and processes, product safety always plays a key role throughout the product’s life cycle. Comatec’s experts help develop product safety and minimise risks at different stages of design or in existing machinery or equipment. In addition, product safety is subject to a number of laws and regulations in safety engineering that are strictly enforced.

In addition to product safety a safe workplace is a benefit for both the company and employees. Diminishing occupational safety risks decreases health-related absences and improves working efficiency and job satisfaction. The key is recognising the risks in time and informing people of them. Our product safety training provides you with up-to-date information on product safety requirements and their practical application. We will customise the level and subjects of the training in accordance with your requirements.

Taking the environment into account brings its own challenges to product safety. Fire and chemical safety, and the legislation governing them, as well as the mandatory CE marking of the products of the European Economic Area, call for expertise in the scope of the Directive. At Comatec, we are familiar with the obligations and guidelines of the Environmental Protection Act 527/2014 and CE Markings.

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Machine safety

  • Production machinery
  • Machine lines and robot cells
  • Safety modernisation of machines
  • Imported machinery
  • Machines manufactured for own use
  • Lifting accessories
  • Safety reviews
  • Defining product safety work needs
  • Enabling entry to market
  • Inspecting and preparing documents, such as operating instructions, warnings, risk assessments, conformity reviews and declaration of conformity templates

Safety management

  • Risk assessment and management methods
  • Conformity review methods
  • Creating a product safety process for the company
  • Product liability management methods
  • Managing design for a compliant product, support and training
  • System analysis, such as functional safety
  • Preparation and compilation of product safety documentation: documents required for CE marking, manuals and other technical documentation

Safety requirements for vehicles

A type approval helps in bringing any motor vehicle or trailer to the market and the free movement of the vehicle within the EU. For the vehicle to be approved for traffic use, it must meet the requirements of the legislation in each area (e.g. breaks, lights etc.)

Requirements for motor vehicles are given in both national and EU legislation and UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) regulations.  Comatec’s experts help you indentify the requirements for your vehicle. We are particularly familiar with buses, tractors, and farming and forestry trailers.

Product CE marking

  • New machinery
  • Imported machinery
  • Old machinery for which the intended use is considered to have changed
  • Other products for which the CE marking is required

Occupational safety

  • Occupational safety risk assessments: risk assessment for the whole workplace or for a single job
  • Occupational safety counselling, such as safety walk consultation and occupational safety guidelines for the workplace
  • Customised safety training for your company’s requirements

Environmental safety

  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Recycling counselling
  • Surveying the categories of waste produced at the site and planning their recycling
  • Personnel training

Operational and robot safety consultation

By utilising standardised safety processes and assessment methods, we ensure the reliability and safety level of safety automation systems. We also design and document the safety procedures for robot cells as part of the design process.

Chemical and fire safety

  • Chemical risk assessment, for example, as part of occupational safety or environmental risk assessment
  • Ratio calculation: defines the company’s obligations for undertaking preparations
  • Creating an operating principle document, safety report and internal rescue plan
  • Chemical consultation: for example, for example, the interpretation of safety data sheets
  • Fire safety consultation and rescue plan in accordance with the obligation decreed in the Rescue Act and the Government Decree on Rescue Services

Safety training courses

  • Machine design in accordance with the CE marking requirements
  • Training related to directives and standards
  • Training for personnel working with machines
  • Training for procurement personnel
  • Training customised in accordance with the customer’s wishes and requirements

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