Electrification of vehicles

Electric energy systems for machinery and commercial vehicles

Electric cars have quickly become more and more popular, and increasing numbers of commercial vehicles and machinery are electric.

The emission-free aspect of electric motors is an attractive alternative also for commercial vehicles. Emission-free and quiet operation in tunnels and congested urban environments, for example, is a clear advantage compared to the use of internal combustion engines. The steep rise in the price of fuels is also accelerating the move to alternative power train solutions.

This is the time for going electric. In addition to being emission-free and quiet, the benefits of electric energy systems include:

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Comatec has the best solutions for electrifying power trains

Comatec is an expert company, always finding the best solution for its customers, also when it comes to power train electrification services.
Comatec experts can help you with:

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Comatec’s strength is its comprehensive approach and digital model

Comatec designs systems to fit into the existing configuration and dimensions the components optimally to suit the application.
Things to consider include:

The digital model designed by Comatec helps to analyze the initial data and specify the correct device dimensions, and to optimize use of the system.
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