Strategy, mission and values

The goal is to be the industry’s preferred partner

At Comatec Group, our operations are guided by our mission, vision and values. The strategy is the common denominator of our operations, which defines how we can achieve our goals. We are constantly reflecting on our operations, taking into account trends and changes in the operating environment that also guide us in developing our expertise, services and operating models.

MISSION – Why do we exist?

Our mission is to help clients produce investment goods more profitably.

Our clients benefit from our services by obtaining complete, lasting design solutions, created cost-effectively and on schedule, that will serve their own product and production processes over a long period.

VISION – What kind of company do we want to be?

We want to be the most desirable design and project management partner for the technology industry.

Achieving this requires continuous review of all aspects of our own operations, and a desire for and commitment to continuous development.

VALUES – Which factors guide our operations?

Our values are the principles that we put into practice in our everyday work. Values guide the way we think and work, which enables us to achieve better results with our clients. We require members of our organisation to work in accordance with these values.

• Customer Satisfaction
• Profitability
• Growth
• Constant learning
• Ability to cooperate

Operating models in line with the strategy

Our strategy specifically defines how we want to work with our customers and other stakeholders and how we want to succeed. Our daily activities are guided by:

  • Proactive service experience – We act in a customer-oriented and interactive way to anticipate and listen to the customer during all stages of problem solving.
  • Customised service close to the customer – We operate close to the customer physically and personally while understanding their operating environment and genuine solution needs. We can thus offer the customer exactly the services they require.
  • Motivated and skilled personnel – Personnel is one of the four factors of production. We therefore especially invest in training and increasing the expertise of our employees as well as creating and maintaining the Comatec spirit.
  • Broad-based expertise – Our broad-based but specialised expertise is the basis of our services, because we can offer our customers huge resources while taking advantage of cross-disciplinary innovativeness.