Cab design services

Comatec’s cab design services help streamline the product development process and allow your company focus on its core functions

Cab design covers a wide variety of different design phases ranging from preliminary design to strength calculations and cab testing. Comatec provides the necessary problem-solving skills, flexible resources, ability to apply expert skills in and agile way and knowledge of implementing large-scale design projects. Enhance your company’s ability to meet the growing demands of its customer base with our extensive experience in designing construction machinery and commercial vehicles.

We possess extensive experience in cab design projects of different scopes in the context of different fields. The key benefit for you as our customer is our holistic understanding of the operating mechanisms of different machines and their operating conditions. Comatec has considerable experience in machine design as a whole, but we also offer cab design as a separate project service.

When it comes to public transport vehicles, cab design can be extended to include the passenger compartment as well. In this case, ensuring travel comfort and passenger safety takes top priority alongside with providing the driver with a pleasant and functional work environment. Especially when designing cabs for electric work machines and vehicles, functions must be prioritized by energy use, which sometimes requires compromises. Comatec is experienced in HVAC system simulation and control, especially in the context of the bus industry.

We are also no strangers to the ergonomic design or UI design of a cab. In addition to this, we also coordinate and simulate FOPS (Falling Object Protection System) and ROPS (Rollover Protection System) tests.

By utilizing Comatec’s expertise, you can

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