Why choose Comatec as your cabin design partner?

Comatec is an expert in mobile machinery and commercial vehicle technology.

Comatec is an expert in mobile machinery and commercial vehicle technology. The company’s cabin design specialists have been involved in the design of various machines and vehicles for well-known international brands, such as forestry and agricultural machines and construction and mining equipment.

It typically takes around two years to bring a new cabin to market, and the total cost of the project can easily be over million euros. For this reason, new cabin designs are launched relatively rarely. By contrast, smaller-scale upgrades for existing cabins are more common. They are often introduced due to new customer or regulatory requirements or to take advantage of new technology.

– Our extensive expert network includes specialists in mechanical and structural design, electrical and automation design, as well as specialists in designing air conditioning and user interface systems. Whether you are seeking to design a completely new cabin or looking to upgrade an existing model, Comatec is a reliable and experienced partner. Over the years we have worked with many different cabin, machinery and equipment manufacturers, says Comatec’s Business Unit Manager Sami-Jussi Hollo.

Varying uses, same core design principles

Project Manager Esko Pietarinen has over 35 years of experience in cabin design both at Comatec and various machine manufacturers. In Pietarinen’s view, Comatec’s strengths are user-oriented design and extensive knowledge of different operating conditions.

– Whether the machine is used in a forest or on a building site, or whether we are designing a tractor, mining machinery or heavy transport equipment, the leading design principle remains the same: the user always comes first. Comatec has first-class expertise across various design areas, and we are also familiar with a wide range of different operating environments. We are also known for our open-minded approach to design projects: we don’t shy away from trying, with our customers, to find solutions for even the most complex design problems, Pietarinen says.

Comatec’s goal is always to add value to the customer’s business. This may be achieved through various means, such as innovations that improve the usability and ergonomics of the cabin, new designs that are more in line with the company’s brand, or by optimizing cost- or productivity-related factors.

– The interplay between the user and the machine is the essence of cabin design. As a designer, you need to understand how to create a comfortable and safe working environment for the user by optimizing the user interface, ergonomics and the sound and temperature conditions of the cabin. Cabin design is also important in maintaining productivity. Productivity depends on both machine performance and user input. The impact of user’s wellbeing on productivity should never be underestimated, Pietarinen says.

Expanding international partnerships

Comatec is an agile partner that also operates in international markets. The company’s Polish branch opened in 2016, and now the Wrocław office employs almost 100 specialists in mechanical, electrical and electronics design.

Engineering Manager Dorota Piasecka says that cabin design is one of the Polish office’s strongest areas of expertise.

– Our employees are highly skilled in structural engineering, internal and external design of cabins, HVAC engineering, and electrical system design and optimization. We are familiar with the cabin design standards applied within the EU, North America and Canada, which makes us an eligible partner on an international level also. I think it’s great that we are constantly developing our collaboration with Comatec colleagues in different countries, and I’m confident this will further increase our opportunities to participate in various customer projects, Piasecka says.


Text: Marianne Valta