Comatec history

From Tampere to the global market

Comatec Group is based on a long history but focuses intently on the future. Comatec’s journey includes over thirty years of technological development, economic cycles and market turbulence.  Comatec was established on 24 March 1986 in Tampere Finland. In 1987, the company moved to its current group head office’s location.

Through ups and downs, changes and years of growth…

Although the company is well over thirty years old, the entire industry and the company itself have gone through many changes. A strong belief in the positive impact of engineering on sustainable development and a desire for growth have led Comatec through decades of change. Two recessions, twenty acquisitions, some other transition phases and fast technological development have been factors which have significantly affected the company. At Comatec, we have therefore always wanted to look to the future, and predict the requirements and directions of the development of industry.

 …to internationalization…

From a small player, the Tampere-based engineering company has grown to the point where it also offers expert competitive service and project packages to international markets. A natural consequence has been the emergence of the need to expand its presence to other European locations. In 2016, the company took a major step by joining forces with a Polish engineering company. This has strengthened our expertise and opened new opportunities. Currently, our Polish office is one of the biggest in the group, and the entire organisation is adjusting to the international environment.

…and heading to the future.

Comatec Group intends to continue to grow and follow its mission in the future. We seek organic growth by monitoring the changing operating environment, exploiting the potential of digitalisation and investing in our own technological expertise. We closely monitor the challenges industry is likely to face in the near future, and we have the ambition to respond with sustainable, innovative and reliable solutions.

“Long-term customer relationships, excellent technical design skills and experience and producing the best possible quality are the key factors of our success,” says Aulis Asikainen, the founder of the company.