Production technology and robotics

More power in production

Production technology and industrial automation development are typically based on requirement of increased production efficiency, more accurate quality management and repeatability. Tooling design is crucial part of whole manufacturing process. Better tools, advanced automation and the use of robotics make it possible to achieve better results: reduce overall cost of production, maintain quality and increase the production rate. Investments easy to operate, purposeful and ergonomic production equipment will also be reflected in the safety and wellbeing of employees.

With our help the Customer can achieve all the goals set by rising market expectations. Depending on requirements and adjusting to Customer needs we offer customized design of basic manual production tools for various products and industries, as well as fully automated. With our design we secure that Customer’s production will become more competitive.

Know-how from Robotics to machine modernisation

In addition to regular system and application design, machine automation applications require that the mechanical operation and dynamics of the machine are analysed and also that the machine is modeled mathematically. With our expertise, we are able to implement large-scale automation projects from mechanical design to tool design and control solutions, and from deployment to training. Updating the automation systems of existing machinery comprises an important part of our operations. It extends the service life of machines and significantly improves their functionality and efficiency. Examples of applications where modernisation has noticeably increased machine accuracy include roll grinding in the paper industry and heavy-duty trimming presses.

Our know-how and our services

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