High Quality Machines, High Quality Documentation

Dometal from South Western Finland has a strong growth rate. Resources are devoted to the core of the business which is in designing and manufacturing high quality agricultural machinery. Dometal invests heavily in not only product development and testing but also in modern production technology such as robotics. The company’s business strategy is always to provide the customer with a modern, high-quality and competitive solution made from the best available materials. Supporting services such as documentation, technical calculations and risk management rely on the partnership with Comatec.


  • Resource support is performed by relying on Comatec for support services such as documentation, calculation, and risk management.
  • Switching to more manageable documentation as the product family grows.

Results and benefits:

  • All new project documentation is now based on the structured documentation principles of Comatec’s CMS.
  • Comatec provides all the documentation for Dometal on a turnkey basis.
  • We have commission the risk management, technical calculations and documentation to Comatec when needed.

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“The largest benefit for us with Comatec’s documentation is that it’s of high quality, understandable and easy to read. I am very satisfied with the language of these documents”, Vesa Mäkelä.