Modern technical documentation adds security and forms the company brand

Technical documentation is an important part of our clients’ product quality. It adds to the security of the product, and improves usability, but also falls under the statutory requirements. Furthermore, high quality content and layout of technical documentation is important in creating the company image. We have noticed that documentation is often done sporadically using basic Office tools, and identified a clear need to develop documentation to ensure high quality. We wanted to provide our clients with a modern documentation process and flexibility by introducing DITA Content Management System (CMS).

comatec cms

In 2017, we started to develop the documentation business in Comatec with the aim to help our clients implement technical documentation in a new way. We established a separate documentation team, led by Tomi Salmivuori, under the Expert Services business unit in Comatec.

– We introduced a structured documentation system that is not dependent on any specific system. Together with our business partner, DoX Systems, we have developed our own Comatec CMS, that we now use for technical documentation, Salmivuori says.

At the same time, our documentation team has been growing. We now have well over a dozen Documentation Specialists, and the plan is to continue our growth in the coming years. We have also extended the use of Comatec CMS to our Polish office, and we aim to increase the use of the system further. We have established our position in the documentation field, and the demand for our services is building up steadily.

Comatec CMS

The Comatec CMS is a structured documentation system based on LW DITA architecture. The content is divided into modules and written only once following the principles of single sourced information. For example, when a new product model is released, just the new or changed modules need updating, and the rest can be reused as such. The system also easily manages all illustrations, different language versions, revisions and graphic design. Localisation is easy as the needed materials are linked together in publications. Also the visual image of a company is easy to manage with style sheets. If the image needs updating, the style sheets are easy to update, and no need to go through several documents manually.

The Comatec CMS is flexible and user friendly. It works in a browser and is web as well as SaaS based. If there is a sudden need to edit a manual, it can be done anywhere, anytime.

– We develop the system in cooperation with Comatec, based on the feedback and wishes of their clients. We’re adding a significant new feature next year, reveals Mikko Tauriainen from DoX Systems.

Comatec CMS is a stand-alone system

The most important feature of the CMS is that it’s not dependent on any other systems. The structure can be brought to the CMS from other similar systems, which makes it easy to change the used system. The client is not dependent on this particular system we use, nor is our service dependent on the system the client uses. The Comatec CMS does not require a large investment from the client. Comatec can use the CMS and produce all the documents for the client, but the client can also choose to use the CMS themselves. We can always find a method of using the CMS that suits our clients’ needs. All the information within the CMS is the intellectual property of the client.

Clients can benefit from the expertise of the Comatec documentation team

In addition to the CMS, the client also benefits from the vast experience of the Comatec team.

– Whether you need process development, design for new materials, or updates on existing content, our experienced documentation team can help you. We design and write content as well as create publications for every kind of technical document: user, maintenance and installation manuals, spare parts publications, education materials etc. We can also provide the illustrations, adds Salmivuori.

– Our clients are different kinds of machine and equipment manufacturers, and so we have extensive experience ranging from smaller individual machines to larger production lines.

Technical Documentation in cooperation with DoX systems

Comatec chose a content management system (CMS) provider DoX Systems, which operates independently in the browser. The Comatec CMS has been developed together with both Comatec and its clients together with DoX Systems.
Comatec and DoX Systems is a mutually beneficial dialogue” says Mikko Tauriainen.

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Translation cooperation with Nouveau

Comatec and Nouveau collaborate for the translation of various documentation. Translations are made directly to Comatec’s CMS for the required languages. For both parties this is a long-term cooperation, which ensures the quality of the documentation”, Leo Alcenius explains.

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