Technical Documentation in cooperation with DoX systems

comatec cms

When Comatec’s documentation service began to develop towards structured documentation, DoX Systems were selected as the system vendor. Comatec has a Comatec CMS as a content management system. The DoX System can produce all the material for the clients, partners or other stakeholders including marketing materials and newsletters.

“As a system vendor DoX Systems does not provide a documentation service. When our customers are interested in content production we recommend DoX CMS,” explains Mikko Tauriainen, the CEO of DoX Systems.

“The system is independent because is works in an internet browser. It comes with an API interface ready to import data from virtually any system. In addition, the system does not need to be installed onto a workstation as it can be used on an internet browser. The website address, username and password are required for access.”

“In DoX CMS, document content is divided into modules. For example, Post-It note stickers with different content can be made. If necessary, to produce an A4 document, you can select the stickers you want to complete the document. These Post-It notes are then available for use with other documents should they be required. When the document is published, the correct layout and format are selected based on the documents intended use.”

“The cooperation between Comatec and DoX Systems is a mutually beneficial dialogue. We have received good ideas for development from Comatec that we have introduced to the system. We have made every effort to support and help Comatec to succeed in its own customer service. I think we have a very open collaboration,” says Mikko Tauriainen.

“During 2020, a new feature will be the ability to import video files into DoX CMS. In addition, we will be releasing a major add-on this year, which we hope to be able to announce in Spring 2020.”

More information from website of DoX Systems.

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