Expertly made spare parts documentation supports business targets

comatec Tomi Salmivuori Mari Hautala

Reliable, easily readable and up-to-date spare parts documentation is an important aspect of a product’s quality – it makes spare parts sales more efficient and quicker, makes repair and maintenance services more fluent and improves customer experience in all stages of the service chain. Comatec’s renewed spare parts documentation complements the company’s already versatile expert services.

Comatec’s spare parts documentation is made with customers’ individual needs in mind. Project manager Mari Hautala says that the service is always tailored to meet the customer’s targets, timetable and budget.

“We can, for example, help to improve documentation processes, choose suitable documentation tools and deliver the completed documentation, all in a single package as agreed. We serve flexibly both local small and medium sized businesses and large businesses with international operations, and the customer company’s industry does not in any way restrict the use of spare parts documentation services,” she says.

Intuitive spare parts book supports business goals

Spare parts business has become more and more important in Comatec’s customer companies in recent years, which is why Comatec decided to renew the service concept of spare parts documentation.

“Quick and easy availability of spare parts is these days considered a key part of not only the professional maintenance of machines and production lines, but also life cycle management and even the corporate image. Our experts will help our customers to find the best methods to present spare part information to their own customers, thereby also boosting their own business and especially developing their aftermarket,” says Mari Hautala.

Comatec can deliver the completed documentation flexibly according to the customer’s needs – whether it is a paper catalog, PDF file or electronic spare parts book. Electronic spare parts books are becoming increasingly popular, because they are easy to update and also easy to use thanks to the search function. Electronic spare parts books can also be integrated into the customer’s online store, and the same user interface can be used to provide any necessary user and maintenance instructions.

“The key elements of spare parts documentation are clarity of content, readability and ease of recognition of spare parts. In the technical implementation, we pay particular attention to any language versions, and also help the customers in item management. A uniform item descriptions that covers the entire life cycle of the products makes the service process more fluent, and our experts can harmonize the item descriptions to be functional ranging from the ERP system to the spare parts book,” says Mari Hautala.

Versatile expertise about industries

Comatec’s spare parts documentation services is handled by an experienced team with extensive expertise in various industries. Hautala says that it is the versatility of the team that makes it unique.

“The team includes both engineers and humanists, but we all share a passion for spare parts documentation that is made with high quality and with the customer in the focus. Along the years, we have picked the best aspects of various documentation practices in a number of industries, putting it all to the benefit of our customers. Our strengths include the courage to challenge the customer to view their processes with a critical eye, and to suggest new solutions that we think will work better,” she says.

Mari Hautala says that successful projects can at best lead to long-standing cooperation with the customer company.

“Spare parts documentation is not merely a visual end product but a key part of the customer’s processes – in addition to increasing sales, high-quality documentation brings added value to assembly, training or repair and maintenance operations. In long-term partnerships, we always find new areas of development, and that’s the greatest part of my work,” she says.


Text: Marianne Valta
Phot0: Tommi Karjalainen