A multi-specialist in demanding materials handling systems

Oucons Oy, part of Comatec Group, has almost four decades of experience in machinery and equipment design, with a special focus on materials handling equipment. The company provides a wide range of expertise and design services in materials handling and process and factory design, along with various industrial consultancy and expert services.

Thanks to its long experience, Oucons can design highly complex materials handling and automation solutions for handling piece goods.

– The machinery we design often requires very extensive and in-depth knowledge of the industry. Unlike system manufacturers and equipment suppliers that specialise in specific products, we are an independent design agency with the ability to innovate in finding solutions. We can offer our customers something new and previously unknown, says Oucons business unit manager Mika Peltola.

Oucons Oy is part of Comatec Group, which operates in five countries. There is plenty of collaboration and cross-service provision between the entities in the group, which gives all of them access to a much wider range of expertise than would otherwise be possible.

Production piece handling

In contrast to the rest of the group, the core expertise of Oucons’ Joensuu and Tampere units is the design of piece goods automation for the production and internal logistics of industrial companies. This is the case both for larger pieces and micro products.

– Most of the work at our Joensuu unit involves designing production automation cells for the pharmaceutical industry. We are involved in every step of design, from concept to manufacturing and maintenance planning, says Oucons business unit manager Jarkko Ahosola.

– In addition to our skill in piece goods automation, we have superb industrial crane expertise in our Tampere unit. We don’t design standard cranes, but instead more specialised process cranes for foundries and the like. We are also experts in their modernisation.

Getting it right the first time

At Oucons, we listen very carefully to our customers’ wishes and provide the solutions they need.

– Our customers have a clear vision of their own requirements, and as an expert organisation we guide them towards achieving it. We have the experience and know-how to deliver highly demanding solutions. We are not necessarily the cheapest supplier, but experience gives us the advantage that, unlike some companies, we no longer in effect practise at the client’s expense. We get things right the first time, and give every client a cost-effective overall design, Peltola says.


The article is published in Tekniikka & Talous – Teknologia- ja teollisuusinnovaatiot -advertorial 1.3.2024
Text and picture: GSD Nordic Oy