ABB Marine

Comatec contributing to ABB Marine’s product development

Finland’s ABB Marine and Ports unit in Vuosaari, Helsinki develops electrical and automation solutions for the needs of the marine industry.  The unit’s spearhead product is the Azipod®-propulsion system, which improves the fuel economy, energy efficiency and manoeuvrability of ships such as cruise ships, icebreakers, ro-ro ships and tankers.  The development of Azipod® propulsion equipment is ongoing.  Development needs most frequently centre on improving performance or power, propulsion or speed. Comatec’s Energy Efficient Motion Control centre has been involved in a product development project studying a new kind of steering device for larger capacity Azipod® systems.



  • To improve the performance, power, propulsion and speed of ships
  • To increase fuel economy, energy efficiency and manoeuvrability
  • Developing a new type of steering device for the Azipod® propulsion system


  • 30 different options were conceptualised
  • A ship with the propeller system is easier to steer and is quieter, and the space inside the ship is used more effectively.  Safety was also significantly increased thanks to the improved manoeuvrability
  • The creation of new inventions and invention disclosures
  • Safety was ensured by testing and simulating different methods using FMECA analysis
”Co-operation has been really good.  The team and the people forming it are just right for the job." – Kai Karila,  ABB Marine