An energy source for the future – electricity from wave power

Comatec’s Energy Efficient Motion Control centre has been involved in the development of AW-Energy Oy’s WaveRoller technology. AW-Energy Oy’s owners include Fortum and Sitra. WaveRoller is a wave power plant that operates on the sea bed, near the shore. The back and forth motion of the waves moves a panel connected to a power generating system, which is hinged at the bottom. A generator in the device creates electricity, which is then fed along a cable to the shore.


  • To develop a completely emission-free power plant for the sea bed, close to shore
  • To develop technology, production, installation and maintenance


  • The nominal power output of one Waveroller unit is 500 kW – 1000 kW calculated at 25–50 % load factor depending on the strength of the waves
  • World-leading, cutting-edge environmentally friendly technology from Finland
  • The creation of numerous new inventions and invention disclosures
"”We are particularly impressed with the talent and ability to co-operate that marks everybody at Comatec. It is a pleasure to work with them in a cutting-edge technology field such as this",Sami Pasanen, AW-Energy"
"”We work together with Comatec because of the world-leading expertise represented in their motion control department. From our perspective it is important that Comatec is one of few truly independent hydraulics experts. Because it is independent, the design process can make use of the best components from any given hydraulics manufacturer, whereas any manufacturer would only recommend their own products”,Jussi Åkberg, AW-Energy"