Bronto Skylift

Pump module to reliably lift water higher

Bronto Skylift is the world’s leading manufacturer of vehicle-based work platforms. Many vehicles with lifting platforms supplied for firefighting use are equipped with a water pump to ensure that water can be pumped to the height required by the platform. Bronto Skylift worked together with Comatec to design a water pump module that can be installed directly onto most vehicle body types. The two companies have worked together designing equipment for 15 years.


  • To ensure the performance and reliability of the water pump
  • To fulfil the high pressure demands to allow water to be pumped to heights of over 100 metres
  • Streamlining business and production processes


  • Pump installation time was shortened from four weeks to 1-2 days, 90 % faster than previously.
  • Sales of water pumps multiplied, from two pumps a year to several dozen a year
  • Seamless co-operation and close communication made it possible to create a reliable new solution that fulfils demanding requirements
  • Modules can be produced in series, which ensures the consistent high quality that clients demand
"”It goes without saying that under that kind of pressure all components must be of the highest quality possible, and all work must represent precise, quality workmanship”, Jorma Pispala, Bronto Skylift"