CleverBin technology streamlines the deliveries of small accessories

comatec ferrometal cleverbin

Ferrometal Oy, known as a supplier of various types of fasteners and small accessories, has introduced a new system for the management of industrial small accessories and material logistics. The CleverBin shelf bin anticipates and implements the replenishment of critical C components automatically, regardless of location.

All Clever applications feature an intelligent optical eye that monitors the quantity of goods. The solution is compatible with all kinds of products, from boxes and bottles to discs, components or pallets. When the number of products falls below the specified limit, the system automatically generates a purchase order in the ERP system via a mobile connection. Ferrometal or another supplier delivers and shelves the products as agreed.

“A refill order can be placed automatically when an item is running out of stock. There is no need to bring the empty bin to the return station or read the product’s barcode for the order,” Ferrometal CEO Mika Brandt says.

The quick and predictive system not only streamlines production, but also reduces the value tied up in inventory. The size and number of bins can be optimized according to the needs of the production process. With the CleverBin system, it is possible to manage even large sets of items in a very cost-effective manner. The system introduces much-needed predictability that allows you to avoid, for example, the use of large component inventories.

Storage bin eliminates delays and mistakes

The CleverBin system is based on an optical sensor installed in the storage bin that monitors the quantity of small accessories in the bin. The system eliminates delays and ensures that the number of products is sufficient, but not excessive. Mistakes are also minimized as there is no need for anyone to handle any step manually.

The system is controlled remotely, and its monitoring is a management and interaction tool that allows you to program sensors and change measuring distances. The monitoring works in a web browser with a clear user interface. In monitoring, different limit values can be set for products with fast and slow turnover. Based on the accumulated data, the limit values can be changed as needed for optimal turnover of inventory.

Comatec has been involved in the design of the CleverBin system, the product development of equipment and software, and the organization of equipment production. The group’s various areas of expertise have been utilized extensively within the framework of the long-standing cooperation.

“The cooperation has been long-term and close. Based on Ferrometal’s ideas, wishes and requirements, our experts have been able to really use their skills and have also found their own role in the team,” says Tommi Ojala, Business Unit Manager at Comatec Automation Oy.

“We are proud of the results of the cooperation and grateful for the opportunity to deepen our expertise in several different areas of technology.”

The system can be modified according to the needs of each customer and process. The design takes into account what kind of layout and operations the customer would like to go for, how many items there are and what kind of turnover targets they have, as well as what possible bottlenecks there may be in the process.

“The development of the Clever service solution built around an optical sensor began with the needs of industrial customers. We have introduced practical applications that reduce wastage, such as waiting and searching, to industry. This means operating in accordance with the principles of sustainable development,” says Mika Brandt.

CleverBin has unlimited uses: internal logistics and assembly in industry; various retailers; construction sites, installation vehicles and containers on the project side; and even hospitals. The Clever system is suitable for almost all operators wanting to invest in sustainable development – whether their volumes are large or small. The solution’s ecosystem for managing small accessories is built according to the customer’s needs.

“With CleverBin, it is possible to produce truly sustainable added value for the customer through a real-time, transparent and predictive solution while also optimizing the value of the inventory reliably and without product shortages,” says Brandt.

Part of the global Würth group, Ferrometal Oy is a pioneer in the logistics management of fasteners and small accessories. The company serves industrial, construction sector and retail customers in the Baltic region. In addition to strong product quality management, Ferrometal’s core competence is the development of IoT-based solutions to streamline the processes and business operations of customers. Consumers are familiar with Ferrometal’s easy-to-use Fixmaster fastener brand.

The Clever solutions developed by Ferrometal are intended for companies that want to focus on their core business and take full advantage of an automated order and supply chain.