Comatec Group project model

In today’s world projects take place in a fast-changing environment. Projects are becoming more complex, more demanding and more liable to change. Business activity that seeks to achieve growth internationally places high demand on the quality and management of projects. The more complex the project, the larger the risk attached to it. Comatec’s project services bring solutions to the challenges faced by our clients in their business activities.

Our clients face challenges in their business activities that can be recognised, and which our project expertise seeks to answer. The business environment is changing all the time, not least because of increasing digitalisation. The growing complexity of projects and multiple-supply projects demand a wide range of expertise and knowledge in different fields.

Changes in business operations are continuous, placing increased demand on all activities. Project organisations have grown and it is difficult to manage them profitably. Streamlining organisational structures and a redistribution of resources may be required.

Project supplies and their budgets are larger than ever, increasing cost burdens. For this reason it is necessary to constantly improve the profitability of projects. We operate in a global environment, so project supplies are also increasingly international, and they are affected by legislation governing project supplies, as well as contractual issues and the risks associated with them.

Managing a complex project together with a partner

The most common projects for our clients are product development projects, large-scale supply projects, parts of these, and different kinds of change situations. A project can be a single project or it can be formed of several larger project entities that are combined.

We tailor project management services specifically according to each client’s needs. This ensures that the project is competitive and carried out to a high standard. Comatec’s project manager in charge of the project brings together the required experts from various fields to use in the project.

Comatec brings wide-ranging expertise to a project from a number of different business sectors. We can also bring viewpoints from outside the client’s own area of business to a project.

When working on product development projects we offer our clients technical expertise that has accumulated over many years, even decades. Our know-how is primarily in the areas of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical engineering, automation, programming and project management.

The wealth of experience we have accumulated over the years means we know our clients’ business environments, product development processes and operating conditions. We understand the strategic needs of our customers’ business, and the role of products and solutions within their strategies. We are able to recognise the skills needed in a project and combine our own know-how, people and solutions to form a whole that presents real value to our clients.
We work where our customers are. Our services are available locally, near the customer, as is all the expertise found across the whole Comatec Group. We carry out client projects in Finland and internationally.

Alternative working models

We offer clients operating in different sectors project management services that are individually tailored to their needs. Alternative working models are found by combining our established project know-how, our team of experts and our business understanding.

EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) projects are the most comprehensive project management option Comatec offers. In such projects a project coordinator has overall responsibility for the entire project, including basic planning, tenders, contract negotiations, technical fulfilment and monitoring. Start-up commissioning and training are also often included in the project.

In using our project management services our clients gain access to project management professionals who take responsibility for designing the required machinery and equipment, ensure that procurement and installation work together, and take overall responsibility for managing the project as a whole. Comatec’s professionals take care of the practicalities of installation and supervise installation methods, schedule, quality and costs in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

Comatec’s project management model frees the customer’s resources to concentrate on developing their own core business while our professionals ensure the project is effective and carried out to a high standard.

Our expert services are available in a clearly defined, packaged project for our customers to use in their design / planning projects. A named project manager takes responsibility for combining services and implementing them. A design or planning project could be, for example, a product development project, tailoring a product or production technology for a specific application, localisation or detail planning.

Leading a project as a whole means managing risks relating to the project schedule and budget, shortening the time needed for testing and achieving better quality results.

Check out some of the reference cases:

The systematic project model used by Comatec acts as the foundation for profitable project activity. We select the most appropriate management methods for the project. Small projects and projects in familiar surroundings can be carried out with a lighter steering model than larger and more complex projects. All the services we offer are produced following a certified procedure system that fulfils the requirements of the SFS-EN ISO 9001:2008 standard. This certified system covers all Comatec Group’s activities.