DEEMEC – a leader in 3D visualisation and mechanical design

Deemec’s expertise is primarily in mechanical design, 3D visualisation and consultation. Work also includes but is not limited to, technical documentation, product design and 3D visualisation such as image rendering which complements their knowledge of electrical and automation design. Deemec’s offices are based in Hyvinkää and they offer their services particularly to industrial companies in Southern Finland. Furthermore, it is possible to utilise the skillset of Deemec’s personnel in Romania. Deemec strives to be an agile business partner by ensuring cost-effectiveness and supplying experienced, well-trained and committed designers.

Deemec’s knowledge of 3D visualisation is a beneficial service of the Comatec Group together with other design services, which can be offered to their clients. A professionally designed rendering or animation of a 3D model that realistically illustrates the use of the product to the client. The images are then available for marketing material before the product has been manufactured. The design of the visualised product allows the images to be utilised for example as illustrative images for brochures, home pages or user manuals.

With the implementation of virtual reality environments, it allows an interesting opportunity for clients already utilising Deemec’s visualisation services as the same 3D models can be utilised cost-effectively in virtual reality. In addition, Deemec offers new clients competitive pricing on the implementation of the 3D models into virtual reality environments.

Deemec’s services include:

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Deemec Oy
Finland, Romania

Sami Rajala

Managing Director

+358 50 531 9995