More extensive service for Comatec’s customers

Comatec acquired the Cadring Group companies at the beginning of December 2016. The transaction will strengthen the expertise of Comatec Group, particularly in the holistic design of mobile machinery, production equipment and commercial vehicles. The corporate acquisition is a significant part of Comatec Group’s growth and internationalisation process in line with its strategy. The Group will be able to provide its customers with more comprehensive services.

The transaction will strengthen Comatec Group’s strategic pursuit of growth and internationalisation. Comatec Group now has operations in twenty offices in five countries. At the same time, we are growing into a Group employing five hundred professionals.

In addition to the offices in Finland and the already-established Tallinn office of Comatec Estonia OÜ, we now have offices in Wrocław and Gdansk in Poland, as well as in Sweden and India.

Comatec Group’s automation and software expertise will be further strengthened by the competence of Microteam Oy. Our project and technology competence will significantly increase. Buses, electric vehicles and robotics are examples of new fields of technological expertise for us. Mechanical design, a field where we are already strong, will be further enhanced.

The best qualities of Comatec and Cadring will complement each other, and by combining our fields of expertise, we can provide our customers with substantial added value. Extension of the range of services will enable us to offer more comprehensive design and product development projects.

Cadring Polska Sp. z o.o.

Cadring Polska Sp. z o.o has been operating in Poland since 2009. The Polish market is much bigger than the Finnish one, and Germany, the economic giant of Europe, is a permanent trade partner. Cadring’s vision was to create an international partner network where the most effective design and production solutions are always available.

There are currently almost 80 employees in Wrocław and Gdansk working primarily with the design of commercial vehicles. The name of the company will change to Comatec Poland, and it will be an integral part of Comatec Group.

Microteam Oy

As part of Comatec Group, Microteam Oy will strengthen our automation and programming services. We can offer our customers more extensive solutions by combining the entire competence of the Group in electronics, automation and software design.

In particular, Microteam will bring to the Group competence in embedded systems software. As a developer of software for embedded systems, Microteam’s expertise covers the entire chain, from genuine real-time solutions to extensive networked systems. Microteam has long experience in making demanding industrial electronics smarter.

Microteam’s team has international experience and specialises in implementing electrical and automation systems in mobile machinery and commercial vehicles. Microteam will bring the new field of expertise in the design of electric vehicles to Comatec.

Electric vehicles are expected to break into the mainstream in the next few years. Buses purchased for urban traffic are already predominantly hybrid vehicles, and fully electric buses are being tried out in many cities.

Comatec Group’s electronic, automation and software design will grow into a unit of 140 experts. The transaction will enhance Comatec Group’s expertise in embedded systems, robotics and software development, providing more extensive possibilities for developing IoT technologies and electric vehicles.