Changes in Oucons Oy’s management starting from 1 October 2018

Oucons Oy’s managing director changed at the beginning of October 2018. Sami Luhtaanmäki left his post as managing director after a collective decision, and Jorma Väänänen, one of the founders of Oucons Oy, is now serving as the acting managing director. In addition, Juha Suistio started as a business unit manager in Oulu at the beginning of October.

The goal of the changes is to strengthen the operations of Oucons and of the Comatec Group’s Conveyors business unit. The aim is to respond to customers’ needs and to offer more targeted design and expert services to manufacturers of material handling systems.

The Conveyor business unit delivers expert, project management and installation supervision services, and designs various types of material handling systems and conveyors, feeders, silos, crushers and the steel structures connected with them. The unit has almost fifty experts in four localities: Oulu, Joensuu, Kankaanpää and Pori.

The company is part of the Comatec Group, which develops and delivers design, project management and expert services.


Additional information:

Teppo Hiltunen, Chairman of the Board, Oucons Oy
Teppo.hiltunen @, telephone +358 44 787 2606


Contact information for each locality:

Jorma Väänänen, Managing Director, Oulu
jorma.vaananen @, telephone +358 50 561 5913

Juha Suistio, Business Unit Manager, Oulu
juha.suistio @, telephone +358 40 505 1965

Toni Hämäläinen, Business Unit Manager, Kankaanpää
toni.hamalainen @, telephone +358 40 588 9348

Timo Viljanen, Business Unit Manager, Pori
timo.viljanen @, telephone +358 40 485 9140

Jarkko Ahosola, Business Unit Manager, Joensuu
jarkko.ahosola @, telephone +358 46 851 0211