Comatec Day was celebrated in Tampere


After a short break Comatec has returned to the old model, where the new employees of the Finnish offices are welcomed with an orientation day at head office in Tampere. President and CEO Aulis Asikainen recalled at the Comatec Day on Thursday that he has been speaking at these live events for ten years, excluding the break of a few years caused by the corona virus.

Tero Anttila, who started as a Design Engineer in Kuopio, tells Aulis’ stories about the birth and history of Comatec as the best part of the day. In Tero’s previous workplaces, there were no similar opportunities to get to know new colleagues from other offices.

HRD Specialist Hanna Raunio is one of the new additions to the Tampere office. The best part of Hanna’s day was seeing people from all over Finland and hearing about their extensive expertise.

Comatec Days are organized several times a year for all new employees who have started at the offices in Finland.