Is it Comatec that will design the new e-Van?


Is it Comatec that will design the new e-Van?

The concept for an e-Van by Comatec Poland, an engineering design office in Wrocław, has qualified for a project by the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR), which is to design a complete Polish electronic delivery van, ready for production.

What are the NCBR expectations regarding the e-Van?

The NCBR presented a number of challenges for the bidders. These include innovative solutions exceeding those currently available on the market (at least 250 km for a minimum cargo weight of 1,000 kg), which are required to meet the performance parameters set in the procedure. Separate scores are available for any other implemented innovative solutions that make the product stand out compared to current and future competitors. Another key aspect involves basic user expectations regarding flexible options for extension, ergonomics and comfort.

How badly do we need electromobility?

Designers and manufacturers still face many barriers related to the development of the cells used in batteries. Compared to ICE vehicles, the disadvantages of BEVs mainly involve the limitations of charging and high battery weight versus the range. But even considering these weaknesses, we should not underestimate the potential reductions in pollution and noise emissions for crowded cities. We all want to breathe clean air in our streets, which is why today the electric vehicle market is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world.

What is Comatec proposing?

The concept presented in the initial procedure was the result of the efforts by a large group of engineers. Based on the knowledge and experience gained through many years in the industry, the team of designers combined bold and interesting ideas with actual production and market capabilities.

It is an honour to receive the recommendation and invitation from the NCBR to continue the procedure. Comatec Poland is pleased that the solutions it proposed for the requirements have been appreciated. The next step is to prepare a complete concept, including detailed parameters for the vehicle design and specific technical solutions.

“We are fully aware that our competitors are major market players, which means that the bar has been set high. We will do what we need to do to meet this challenge. The team is already applying its energy and commitment to the task”, said Elżbieta Helminen, the managing director.

The project is carried out under the “Smart Growth Operational Programme” financed from European funds. The budget for the entire project is PLN 52 million.