Harmonising Comatec’s corporate image and logo

Comatec has a clear mission: we help clients produce investment goods in a more profitable way. Our daily work with our clients aims at implementing this mission better and better. The mission is also reflected in Comatec’s strategy: our vision is to develop into an important service company for the technology industry in the Baltic Sea region to be able to support our clients even better through competitive top-level expertise.

International growth requires that Comatec has a unified and clear corporate image. Comatec’s external communication has, in fact, been developed into a more harmonised direction over the past few years, for instance, by modernising our visual image, registering our company logo and renewing our website.

We will continue the work to renew and harmonise the image of our company. For instance, we will develop the website, presentation materials and other documents for external communication. During 2017, the separate logos of Comatec’s subsidiaries will be phased out in all communication. Comatec’s registered company logo will also be used as the subsidiaries’ logo.

Introduced in the early days of our more than 30 years in business, the Comatec logo is recognised as a symbol for a competent, reliable and comprehensive group of engineering companies – and our clients know it.

These changes will not have any impact on the management of Comatec’s or its subsidiaries’ client relationships. Our clients will continue to be served by the same, familiar contact persons as before, and they will always have access to the constantly expanding expertise of the entire Comatec Group.

Additional information: Miikka Riittinen, tel. +358 40 860 1670, miikka.riittinen @ comatec.fi