Process industry machinery and plant design to meet client needs

A wide range of services, multi-faceted expertise and flexible working methods mean Comatec Group’s Processing Machinery and Plant Engineering business unit is able to help clients in all engineering design matters. Experience and knowledge of customers and products has helped Comatec form a clear understanding of customer business environments and needs. The result is clear cost savings – for the product’s entire life cycle.

Comatec Group’s Processing Machinery and Plant Engineering business unit offers wide-ranging expertise to meet the needs of equipment manufacturers and production facilities.

”We carry out engineering design work in different ways according to each client’s needs. In practice this means we can work with clients in many different industries, such as cellulose, paper and mechanical forestry, the food industry and mineral processing,” says Business Unit Manager Pasi Rantanen.

”We have a long history and much experience of working with clients in these fields. Our expertise in these areas is very advanced. Knowing our clients and products so well also gives us a good understanding of the client’s business environment and needs.”

”We have a wealth of experience in machine building. We know our clients’ working methods well, because we work so closely together with them,” Pasi continues. ”Our technological expertise helps make the production process smoother, resulting in clear savings throughout the product life cycle.”

Wide range of services

The Processing Machinery and Plant Engineering business unit’s services include project management, mechanical, electrical and automation design, and production maintenance planning. The unit’s range of expertise also extends to strength calculations and hydraulic, pneumatic and equipment application design.

”A wide range of services, multi-faceted expertise and flexible working methods mean we can help clients in all engineering design matters.”

Mechanical design

Our business unit has many years of experience in the mechanical design of industrial machines and equipment. We design machines, equipment, pipes, hydraulics and pneumatics. We also carry out planning and design work for our customers to support their sales, and project design from preliminary design all the way through to installation and site planning.

”We have long-term relationships with our customers, based on mutual trust. Our expertise is wide-ranging. We have young design engineers as well as extremely experienced older design engineers, whose technological expertise has developed over the span of a long career. Their know-how is very advanced, both in terms of the customers’ products and their business. Through our expertise we can bring added value to our customers’ equipment, products and even their business methods,” says Pasi.

Production maintenance planning

The Processing Machinery and Plant Engineering business unit’s production maintenance planning is handled mostly by Insinööritoimisto Metso, which has decades of experience in the planning of production maintenance and installation supervision. The business unit’s planning services help customers ensure the optimum functioning of their production equipment, increase productivity and lengthen the life of their equipment.

Our experts carry out fault diagnostics and planning repairs, as well as sourcing new, better components to replace old components. Our maintenance planning also includes planning and scheduling pre-emptive maintenance work on machines and lines. Electrical, mechanical and automation design combine to form our production maintenance services.

Comatec Group expertise is available

”The Processing Machinery and Plant Engineering business unit has in-house electrical and automation know-how, which can be augmented by incorporating expertise from across the entire Comatec Group. We can also make use of other expert services, such as calculation and machine safety services; all the services within the Comatec Group are available to us,” says Pasi.

”Customer projects are carried out in Finland and internationally. A large number of our projects go to end customers in other countries. We offer technical services delivered according to agreed timeframes, providing our clients with cost-effectively implemented, meticulously planned, long-lasting design solutions that best serve their own product and manufacturing processes,” Pasi summarises.