Hakki Pilke 55 Pro

Hakki Pilke 55 Pro is an innovative firewood factory that contains both a cutting and splitting unit. This flagship product has advanced features, such as automatic splitting blade adjustment depending on the diameter of the log, automatic log measuring device, and an IoT interface for the collection of operating data. The above features make sure that logs are cut and split efficiently and safely under all conditions. Comatec has implemented the new control system for the firewood factory with its customer, TP Silva Oy, which owns the Hakki Pilke, Japa and Palax brands, among others.

Starting point and goals:

  • The goal was to create for TP Silva Oy’s firewood factory models a universal, safe and parameterisable control system that can also be used in future product innovations.
  • Comatec was in charge of development of the unit’s control system, consisting of the software development of the control unit, display and IoT data transfer.

Results and benefits:

  • The new, parameterisable control system enables a flexible product development and tailoring of firewood factories.
  • The control system monitors the functions and provides the person operating unit about work performance.
  • The IoT system enables the units to be monitored remotely, improving predictability of maintenance needs, thereby improving customer service.
“It's been great to work with Comatec. Everything we have agreed on together was finished on schedule, and often we received more than we asked for. Comatec was deeply involved in the development and testing,” says development manager Timo Jussila of TP Silva.